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Cities, Regions

“Environmental Design & Management" to create a community where people and nature are in harmony

With the aim of improving the convenience and comfort of the living environment and preserving and utilizing the natural environment, we conduct planning, surveys, surveys, planning, and design for regional revitalization, tourism promotion, urban development, and park development for a variety of spaces from urban to natural areas.

Cities, Regions

1.Regional revitalization and tourism promotion

Regional revitalization and tourism promotion

We are working on a vision for the watershed area that aims to revitalize the watershed, renewal of facilities in a national park to revitalize tourism such as inbound tourism, planning of tourist boat transportation on rivers, and planning and management of events.

2.Community development in cooperation with residents

Community development in cooperation with residents

We plan and design river and park spaces that are lively and relaxing by working together with residents to plan river development and parks that are integrated with community development.

3.Planning, design, and maintenance of parks

Planning, design, and maintenance of parks

We provide basic concepts, basic plans, basic designs, and implementation designs for development of urban parks and green spaces, as well as assessments on introduction of private sector activities for operation and maintenance, and development of longevity plans and maintenance management plans.

4.Project evaluation of parks, rivers, etc.

Project evaluation of parks, rivers, etc.

Cost-effectiveness analysis of urban parks, river environment, and environmental improvement around dams is conducted based on the manual for each project, and project explanation materials are prepared for the Project Evaluation and Monitoring Committee.