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Road, Transportation

“Road Renovation and Management" to create a safe and vibrant community

We conduct a wide range of road-related research, planning, and design, including wide-area transportation planning, road management planning, specific road design, and landscape studies, to address issues such as regional development, increased inbound traffic, and the replacement of aging facilities.

Road, Transportation

1.Road and traffic planning

Road and traffic planning

With the aim of promoting interaction and revitalization of regions, we are formulating a vision for wide-area roads that shows the future of road development. We are also assessing measures to improve the function of road space, such as countermeasures against traffic congestion, by utilizing big data.

2.Landscape and greening study

Landscape and greening study

We use 3D CG models and photomontage to predict and evaluate the landscape and develop management plans for road scenery and road plantings that are in harmony with the local landscape.

3.Geographical activation

Geographical activation

We are proposing road development that supports regional revitalization, such as an assessment of bicycle riding environments that utilize roadside scenery and local resources, and an assessment of restoration plans for bicycle paths in areas affected by the earthquake.

4.Road management

Road management

In order to ensure the safety of road traffic, road facilities such as signs and crosswalk bridges are inspected, and their soundness is diagnosed.