Civil Engineering & Eco-Technology Consultants Co.,Ltd.
Integrated Consultants Leading Environmental Fields


Company Overview


Company Name Civil Engineering & Eco-Technology Consultants Co.,Ltd.
Head Office 2-23-2 Higashi Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo 170-0013, Japan
Establishment January 1984 (Founding April 1966)
Capital ¥250 million  
Business contents Planning on the environment / construction project,
Survey and planning,Design and construction supervision,
Production and sales of materials
Major trading partners Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism,
Related Foundation,NEXCO,Local governments,Etc.
Registration qualification Construction consultant registration; Building
29 No. 3460(December 13,2017)
Representative Director, Chairman and CEO Hiroshi Kogiso
Vice President Representative Director Toshiro Yamada
Vice President Representative Director Shingo Domeki
Vice President Director Kunihiro Tomita
Representative Director, President and COO Masata Urakawa
Number of Employees 465 people

Orders received, Amount of sales

Organization chart

Certified Personnel (up to October 2021)

Registered Professional Engineers 230 people
  Engineering Management 56 people
  Civil Engineering 147 people
  Water Supply & Sewerage 1 people
  Environment 15 people
  Applied Science 4 people
  Information Engineering 2 people
  Environmental Engineering 3 people
  Agriculture 1 people
  Machinery Division 1 people
Registered Civil Engineering Consulting Manager 94 people
PhD (Engineering/Agriculture/Science/Fisheries Science) 34 people
Special upper grade engineer  1 people
1st grade civil engineer  9 people
First-class architect   4 people
Landscape Engineer Manager Class-1  29 people
Civil Engineer Manager Class-1  10 people
Surveyor  25 people
River maintenance engineer  14 people
River checker  69 people
Concrete diagnostician  3 people
Landslide prevention engineer  1 people
Geological survey engineer  3 people
Registered Environment Measuring Engineer  19 people
Registered Weather Forecaster  6 people
Pollution Control Administrator  23people
Soil Contamination Surveys Technical Manager  5 people
Registered Environmental Counselor  14 people
Environmental Assessor  34 people
Biotope Planners and Builders  79 people
Registered Taxonomic Proficiency  27 people
Tree Doctors  1 people
Certified city planner 5 people
Japan Fisheries Research and Education Agency;Fellow 1 people
Certified Harbor Survey Engineer 1 people
Data processing Engineer 11 people
Traffic Engineering Study Group Certification TOP 1 people