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Disaster Prevention&Mitigation

Consulting on disaster prevention and mitigation to protect people, communities, and national land from disasters

In response to recent earthquakes, floods, and other large-scale disasters, we are involved in planning for disaster prevention and mitigation, as well as planning, reviewing, and operating activities to support local activities in order to increase the disaster preparedness of the community and the disaster awareness of individuals and communities.

Disaster Prevention, Mitigation

1.Earthquake and tsunami countermeasures

Earthquake and tsunami countermeasures

We are working on wide-area damage estimates for earthquakes directly below the Tokyo metropolitan area, reviewing disaster prevention plans, and planning and managing symposiums. In the area of roads, we are planning for opening roads in the event of a major earthquake in the Nankai Trough.

2.Measures against flood and landslide disasters

Measures against flood and landslide disasters

To accurately respond to large-scale floods and landslides, a disaster prevention action plan (timeline) has been formulated in cooperation with river administrators, local governments, and residents. We also plan and design disaster prevention facilities such as river disaster prevention stations.

3.Disaster prevention plan and business continuity plan

Disaster prevention plan and business continuity plan

We formulate disaster prevention plans and business continuity plans (BCP plans) for local development bureaus and offices of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.

4.Support for local disaster prevention

Support for local disaster prevention

We plan and manage evacuation drills in the event of an earthquake, and crisis management exercises to test the timeline. We also provide support for disaster prevention learning and preparation of educational materials for schools and communities to enhance local disaster preparedness, and plan and organize symposiums and disaster prevention drills.