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River, Dam, Erosion control

“Planning and Management of Rivers, Dams, and Erosion Control" to utilize the blessings of water and protect our lives

In order to solve problems such as the increase in floods and landslides caused by abnormal weather and the aging of river structures, and to meet the needs for environmental protection and friendly water use, we conduct various surveys, plans, and designs for rivers, dams, and erosion control.

River, Dam, Erosion control

1.Survey and analysis

Survey and analysis

In rivers, we conduct post-flood trace water level surveys and damage coverage surveys, and analyze the causes of damage and the mechanisms. In erosion control, we observe the amount of quicksand, analyze sediment dynamics, and research methods for predicting and monitoring sediment disasters. 

2.Facility Planning and Design

Facility Planning and Design

We plan and design embankments that take advantage of the desirable river environment and scenery, and we plan and design natural regeneration projects that restore the rich habitat and growth environment and historical river structures. 

3.Maintenance and service life extension

Maintenance and service life extension

At dams, we inspect civil engineering structures, gate equipment, telecommunications facilities, etc., and formulate service life extension plans. In rivers, we inspect embankments and revetments, flumes and downpipes, and evaluate facilities and develop monitoring plans. 

4.Waterfront Conservation and Attraction Creation

Waterfront Conservation and Attraction Creation

We support a planning of Kawamachi (river & town) development project, and Mizubering initiative, which aims to create waterfront attractions and revitalize the region by organically linking the river and town development.