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Business and Technology

Erosion control

  • Research and Analysis
  • Facility Planning and Design
  • Maintenance and Service Life Extension
  • Waterfront Conservation and Attraction Creation

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  • Road and Traffic planning
  • Landscape and Greening study
  • Geographical Activation
  • Road Management

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Disaster Prevention

  • Earthquake and Tsunami Countermeasures
  • Flood and Landslide Disaster Countermeasures
  • Disaster Prevention Plan and Business Continuity Plan
  • Support for Local Disaster Prevention

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  • Regional Revitalization and Tourism Promotion
  • Community Development in cooperation with Residents
  • Planning, Design, and Maintenance of parks
  • Project Evaluation for Parks, Rivers, etc.

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Natural Environment

  • Research using the Latest Technology
  • Environmental Activities in cooperation with Local Communities
  • Green Infrastructure
  • Renewable Energy

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Environmental Measurement

  • Water Quality Analysis and Improvement
  • Soil Contamination Countermeasures
  • Environmental DNA Analysis
  • Road Environment Survey, Prediction and Countermeasures

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