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Natural Environment

“Environmental Research & Solutions" to protect precious nature and making use of it in our daily lives

To protect our precious natural environment and make the most of nature's blessings in our daily lives, we conduct environmental surveys in various places such as rivers, roads, cities and regions, and assess conservation measures based on survey results. We also cooperate with local environmental activities.

Natural Environment

1.Research and study using the latest technology

Research and study using the latest technology

We combine the latest technologies such as the Internet, GPS, radar, VR, etc. with our extensive field survey experience to conduct accurate surveys and assessments in a variety of natural environments.

2.Environmental activities in cooperation with local communities

Environmental activities in cooperation with local communities

We cooperate with citizens and schools in their activities to protect and nurture the local natural environment, including environmental surveys, environmental conservation, and nature restoration.

3.Green Infrastructure

Green Infrastructure

We are working on green infrastructure that utilizes the diverse functions of natural environment to solve social issues in a variety of fields, including rivers, roads, and Satoyama.

4.Renewable energy

Renewable energy

We provide a wide range of support, from site selection surveys to rapid environmental assessments, for renewable energy projects such as onshore and offshore wind power, solar power, and geothermal power.