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Quality and environmental management

Quality and Environmental Management


To fulfill our corporate social responsibility (CSR), we consider the implementation of quality control, reduction of environmental impact, and environmental protection to be important management issues, and we aim to ensure these through our business activities.

To this end, we have established a company-wide quality management system and environmental management system through the establishment of the Quality Management Division including Quality Planning Office, Quality Control Office, and ISO Promotion Office, and are promoting systematic activities based on our Quality Policy and Environmental Statement.

About Quality Management System

Aiming for further quality improvement of our products,
we are promoting continuous improvement by utilizing ISO9001.

We acquired ISO9001 quality management system certification in October 1998, aiming to "provide excellent products and services to meet the needs of our customers" and "continuously improve and strengthen our corporate structure". We carry out quality activities through design reviews (checking for appropriateness, validity, and effectiveness) of each project based on the following " Organization Objectives" and "Quality Policy".
In addition, in line with the "Company-wide Action Plan" prepared for each fiscal year, each department formulates and disseminates its own action plan to ensure smooth project execution through the PDCA cycle on an ongoing basis.

1. Organization Objectives

We aim to be a good partner to our clients as a construction consultant involved in surveys, planning, and design of public works projects, and to provide them with detailed surveys, abundant planning, reliable design end products, and appropriate responses and services.

2. Quality Policy

To achieve our objectives, we have established a quality management system that conforms to JIS Q 9001:2015 and have formulated the following quality policy.

  1. We will strive for sound and efficient management to fulfill our social responsibility as a good partner to our customers.
  2. We will strive to improve our technology to provide our customers with high quality end products and services.
  3. We will make daily efforts to ensure and improve our advanced technical expertise, problem-solving skills, and proposal-making capabilities.
  4. Managers will comply with the requirements of the quality management system and continuously improve the effectiveness of the system.
  5. Managers will support the implementation of quality goals by each department and evaluate the results.


Registration Number Q-3589
Registration Date October 16, 1998

About the Environmental Management System

We have established an Environmental Statement in which the entire organization strives to reduce environmental impact and protect the environment.

Since our founding, we have been contributing to the development of environmentally friendly social infrastructure, focusing on environment-related research, study, and design, as our company name suggests.
We have established an "Environmental Statement" based on the following basic principles and policies, and will promote environmental management activities to achieve our environmental improvement goals.

KES Environmental Management System Standard

1. Basic principles
We recognize that the preservation of the global environment is one of the most important issues common to all humankind, and we will make a concerted effort to reduce our environmental impact and protect the environment.
2. Policy
To improve the environmental impact of all activities, products, and services related to our construction consulting and measurement certification business, we will promote environmental management activities based on the following policies and aim for harmony with the global environment.
1. We will always recognize the environmental impact of our activities, products and services, and promote the prevention of environmental pollution and protection of the environment, and continuously improve our environmental management activities.

2. We will comply with all legal and other environmental requirements related to our activities, products and services.

3. Among the environmental impacts of our activities, products and services, we will address the following three items as priority themes for environmental management.

  1.Participation in the "Eco-Cap Movement" as a social contribution

  2.Participation in the "Arakawa River Waterfront Supporter:
   Natural Land Maintenance and Manag ement" as an environmental protection activity

  3. Environmental education as an awareness-raising activity

4. We will make this Environmental Statement known to all members of our organization and available to the public so that each of us can actively implement environmental improvement activities.

5. We will actively participate in local environmental improvement activities.
KES Step 1
Registration Number KES1-13-0056
Registration Date June 1, 2017

Michinoku EMS

1. Environmental Policy
What we can do because we understand both the environment and construction is "Connecting people and nature to the future”.
To become a comprehensive consultant that creates a comfortable society as a true leader in the environmental field, we will improve our environmental performance through continuous improvement of our EMS.
We will achieve environmental protection in our operations by working to reduce the environmental burden of ecological surveys and facility inspections through the introduction of new technologies.
We will also ensure that our activities meet our compliance obligations and prevent pollution to become the company of choice for our customers.
2.Environmental goals (reduction of environmental impact)
1. Participation in environmental volunteer activities
2. Introduction of gutter and flume inspection support system (patented technology)
3. Work initiatives aimed at reducing environmental impact
Michinoku Environmental Management Standard Certification Organization
Registration Number 18025
Registration Date March 30, 2019

Information Security Policy

In view of the development of an advanced information society, and as a "construction and environmental consultant" that plays a role in the development of social infrastructure, we have established an information security policy with the aim of ensuring the safety and reliability of the information assets used in the execution of our business, including the information entrusted to us.

1. Positioning of the policy and scope of application

We will position this policy at the top of our information security measures and apply it to the information assets used in the execution of our business and to the employees who use them.

2. Information security structure

We shall establish information security regulations, appoint a general manager, and establish an operational system for the information security measures.

3. Appropriate handling and management of information

We will comply with relevant laws and regulations, recognize the importance of the information entrusted to us in our business, and strive for the proper use and appropriate management of information assets.

4. Information security education

We will educate and enlighten our employees and others who use our information assets on information security and raise their awareness of information security.

5. Accident prevention and response

We will strive to prevent accidents related to the use and management of information assets, and if an accident should occur, we will promptly take appropriate measures, including measures to prevent recurrence.

6.Continuous improvement

We will evaluate the status of our information security measures and new risks, and review our information asset protection, management system and information security policies as appropriate, and strive to continuously improve them.